What's nearby

The main beach of Sozopol is just a 2-minute walk away from our hotel.

Even closer is the pedestrian street, also known as Merry Street, with its small souvenir shops. This street leads to the famous Harmani Beach. A kilometer and a half away is Bamboo beach.

St. John Island

St. John is the largest of the five islands in the Bulgarian territorial waters of the Black...

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South Fortress Wall and Tower Museum Complex

One of the biggest attractions for the guests of the town of Sozopol is the first in Bulgaria...

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Ropotamo Reserve

Ropotamo is a Natural reserve located about 50 km south of Burgas, only 14 km from Sozopol,...

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Begliktash Sanctuary

The Thracian sanctuary Beglik Tash is located in the highest part of Cape Beglik Tash (128...

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